For 2013, Garmin has 5 models of bike computers out on the market – the Edge 810, Edge 800, Edge 510, Edge 500, and the Edge 200. According the the data gurus at Dynamite Analytics, these five bike computers fall into each of the four quadrants on their “Review Quadrant Analysis”.

Review Quadrant Analysis – Garmin Bike Computers

Garmin Bike Computer Reviews Compared

Garmin Bike Computers
Most Recommended with Most Reviews
Edge 500 More Info/Read Reviews/Buy >
Edge 200 More Info/Read Reviews/Buy >

First, in the upper-right quadrant, representing “Most Recommended with Most Reviews“, land the Edge 500 and the Edge 200. Representing the lower end of the Garmin bike computers line, these fine devices have all the features most cyclists need for training and racing.

Garmin Bike Computers
Most Recommended with Least Reviews
Edge 510 More Info/Read Reviews/Buy >

Next, in the upper-right quadrant representing the “Most Recommended with Least Reviews” category is the Edge 510. This bike computer is new for 2013, and lack of reviews have landed it in this category, although the one it does have is a 5.

Garmin Bike Computers
Least Recommended with Most Reviews
Edge 800 More Info/Read Reviews/Buy >

Third, in the lower-right quadrant we find the “Least Recommended with Most Reviews” category, whose sole resident is the Edge 800. We’re really disappointed in this ranking because we had high hopes for this device.

Garmin Bike Computers
Least Recommended with Least Reviews
Edge 810 More Info/Read Reviews/Buy >

Last but not least, rounding out the lower-left “Least Recommended with Least Reviews” quadrant falls the Edge 810. As a top of the line computer, this is rare to see, but the ranking may be as simple as the high price tag on this device has prevented it from being purchased and hence reviewed.

Overall Reviews – Garmin Bike Computers

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