Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

Well, leave it to iBike to invade the last part of your life that has so far been immune to your phone. According to Wired (in their product review in which they ranked it a 7):

Short of bolting a sidecar to your bike, iBike’s Dash CC Deluxe cycling computer is as close as you can get to taking a personal navigator along for a ride.

Much like texting and driving, is too much display dangerous for cyclists? The review goes on to say

It’s also easy to stare at the thing for too long. I almost drifted into traffic on more than one occasion when mesmerized by the screen in front of me. Keep those eyes up, cowboy. However, that’s also one of the Dash’s stronger suits: Your iPhone screen is huge compared to most bike computers, and that big color display makes glancing down at your current stats when you’re cranking on your bike a lot easier.

And with GPS and Google Earth, you’re sure to have all the data you could ever want.


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